The Brazilian language - Learn Portuguese to English phrases, pronunciation, verbs was created to be a free source to obtain information about the Portuguese language of Brazil. We hope you find what you are looking for. Here you will find grammar, verbs, phrases, and even crossword puzzles, and the content is frequently updated. Now introducing our newest language learning application partners, "Transparent" Transparent and, Language Trainers.


Language learning software & program recommendations

The software and programs here come highly recommended by the webmaster of and can help you achieve your language (see "The purpose of") learning goals and most of them have been tried and tested through experience so you can assure you are learning quality, useful material.


The best Brazilian Portuguese language programs & softwares

  1. Language Trainers - Take Portuguese lessons in Brazil


    When we learn a new language, learning how to communicate in a foreign language is not the only benefit that we gain. A language is not some kind of knowledge we simply store and use when the opportunity arises. It is much more beneficial than that. When taking Portuguese classes in Brazil, visitors are actually trying to gain a more complex form of knowledge. I am for certain that ... More


  2. Transparent - Transparent's Language learning softwares


    When people learn a language, it is important to use repetition because this is how everybody learns to speak as a child. we learn by hearing sounds over and over from our mother. It is also a well known fact that when babies learn to speak they often associate images with words & vise versa (hence the need for flashcards incorporated in language learning softwares/apps). I have used a program that ... More


  3. Real Brazilian Portuguese - Learn Brazilian Portuguese fast


    I have seen hundreds of websites and software programs out on the net that focus to much on the needless, senseless technicalities of learning a foreign language. That is alright and dandy if you are in school and your curriculum demands the need to learn the "Whole 9 yards" but what if you are planning a trip to Brazil with friends? at some point during the trip you may find yourself alone and in a situation where ... More


  4. Grammarly - Correct English errors with Grammarly


    Grammarly is an online grammar check application suitable for learners of the English language. Suitable because it proof reads your grammar and spelling for errors - a valuable tool. But Grammarly ... More


Software & program recommendations - Partners


Language Trainers Transparent language Real Brazilian Portuguese Grammarly


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Language Learning Tips

  • Plan a vacation to the target language of your choice (the obvious best approach).
  • Read magazines, journals, or books dealing with the language of your choice.
  • Review often what you learned (always keep the material fresh in your mind).
  • Watch a foreign movie with English subtitles.
  • Take the literal translations of the language with a grain of salt (unless you are studying the language as an elective at school, don't worry so much about getting the grammar right).
  • Practice speaking the language in front of a mirror (learn the proper movements of the mouth while speaking certain sounds).
  • If you have a little $ to spare then I highly recommend the Pimsleur approach
  • The internet can be a very valuable tool for providing the learning material such as Youtube or Sonia's Portuguese is a site which provides some online programs targeted in the Portuguese language. Just scroll down the page and you will find tons of online programs geared to the Portuguese language of Brazil.
  • Get yourself a language exchange partner on the net and converse via chat.
  • For people who enjoy games, like crossword Puzzles, learning can be fun. (Try my Portuguese crossword Puzzles)
  • And finally...find yourself a Russian hottie (A little humor never hurt).


A special thanks to both Alex Uch?a  and Russell Walker  for helping to provide content on this site, and also Arineide Barriga for helping to create some of the audio files that you might hear on this website.

Attention! (Disclaimer by the webmaster) I am not a language expert nor do I profess to be. This site is intended to be a free resource for people who wish to learn basic Brazilian Portuguese. I do make frequent updates to this site so I hope it will be free of errors and that the content will always be interesting as well as useful education. But should you observe any errors with this site, send me an email.

Brazilian Portuguese phrases - Samples

I didn't understand N?o entendi What is your name? Qual ? seu nome?
A snitch/tattletale Dedo-Duro I don't speak Portuguese Eu n?o falo Portugu?s
Everything good? Tudo bem? Good morning Bom dia
Stop it! P?ra com isso! How old are you? Quantos anos tem?
We are going A gente j? vai This makes me angry Isso me-d? um raiva
Never again! N?o tem nada vez! He is a suck up! Ele puxa saco!
Hurry up and go! Vai logo!   [More phrases ...]



Page Snippet
Portuguese Grammar Portuguese Verbs
In Portuguese, words are considered masculine or feminine and usually end with an A or an O. Portuguese verbs are conjugated into 3 groups- Ar, Er, Ir
The nearest language to the Portuguese language, in terms of grammar, would be the Spanish language. to speak = falar, to like = gostar
Adjectives are usually placed backwards in the sentence and need to agree with the subject / noun. to know = conhecer, to understand = entender
Contractions, like in the English language, are used for easier pronunciation. Like to know more Portuguese grammar? to be = ser ... Like to see my verb list?


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