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  • The best way to learn a new language is to speak it with native speakers. If learning to speak Portuguese is something you would like to do plan a vacation to Brazil. There are plenty of wonderful cities to choose from such as Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Recife or Porto Alegre. Book a hotel or a hostel wherever it is you chose to stay, have a good time traveling and learning the Portuguese language.
  • Read magazines, journals, or books dealing with the language of your choice.
  • Review often what you learned (always keep the material fresh in your mind).
  • Watch a foreign movie with English subtitles.
  • Take the literal translations of the language with a grain of salt (unless you are studying the language as an elective at school, don’t worry so much about getting the grammar right).
  • Practice speaking the language in front of a mirror (learn the proper movements of the mouth while speaking certain sounds).
  • If you have a little $ to spare then I highly recommend the Pimsleur approach.
  • The internet can be a very valuable tool for providing the learning material such as Youtube or Sonia’s Portuguese is a site which provides some online programs targeted in the Portuguese language.
  • Get yourself a language exchange partner on the net and converse via chat.
  • For people who enjoy games, like crossword Puzzles, learning can be fun.
  • And finally…find yourself a Russian hottie (A little humor never hurt).
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